AM/PM indicator issue - call for help

Hi Everyone!

I would like to ask for help on a weird issue I’ve encountered.
I’m working on a watch face called “Binary Impostor”:

While testing separate AM / PM indicators visible in the bottom-left corner of the dot cluster, I started seeing some weird behavior.
The AM / PM indicators work on these expressions:

When I upload the watch face to my TicWatch Pro 2020 for testing, they don’t work in either 12h or 24h mode. I’ve done some digging and found out that if I change the expression to “am” instead of “AM” (vice versa for PM), then these dots stop working in Creator, but then work on my watch.

I am baffled by this funny charade of settings. Is this expression-related? Did you encounter similar issue and if so, how did you work around it?

Currently, the draft has lowercase expression values, could you test it on your device and let me know if the AM / PM indicator works? I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks a ton in advance to those who decide to spend a moment to help! =)

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This is because all strings are localized. In my language it is a.m. and p.m.
You can use $#DH#<12?100:0$ for AM and $#DH#<12?0:100$ for PM


Thank you so much, that explains it and will be a useful hint for future!
Appreciate your response :slight_smile:


I only ever use #Da# for my AM/PM Indicators, and I only enter it as a Text Entry with that #Da# Tag and it works just fine.