Ambiant mode on Galaxy watch

when I watch some faces on facer they stay animated in ambient mode but when I put them on my Galaxy watch with the aod mode activated everything freezes when it goes into ambient mode.
I would like to know how to make the ambient mode remains animated, knowing that the original faces of the watch do it so it is possible.
I tried with the ambient mode to facer classic and dimmed and the result is the same.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Unfortunately it is not possible. Once a watch goes into dim mode the animations stop in their place and refresh once each turn of the minute. The web preview and creator shows the animations but it doesn’t actually work that way on the watch. Maybe @Facer_Official could look into fixing this so the preview more accurately shows the dim mode.

DIM is for conserve battery, so thats why animations stops and other info are actualized once a while. Is not a bug, its the way it supposed to work…

Not for the build in ones, the seconds hand stay animated on them.
That’s why I asked for it, I often use the tomcat or the frontier for exemple and they stay animated.
By the way thanks a lot for the response

Facer for Tizen has 2 DIM modes, did you tried both? Triple tap and in the end right you have the options.

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Yes I tried both, I’ve just read somewhere that the api for Samsung dev and api for third party dev are not the same and that’s the reason why built in keep animated and third not.
If it’s the real reason I hope they give their api one day.
Thanks :+1:

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