Ambitious work in Progress

Hi @ll,

today i want to show some early work progress from a project i currently work on…

I love these skeleton watches and i am trying to build my own one.

At the Moment it´s all in 2d. The gears are made with a free online Tool called “Gear-Designer” and should work correct when i can implement the right rpm´s.

At the final stage there will be backlights behind the gears and a semitransparent glass above ( i already tested at the GAUSS-Pulsar.

I hope, you gonna like it.


Phantasico aka GAUSS


Looking great, Look forwards to the finished article.

Wow dude. You’re crushing it. These look great and you already have 5 or 6 faces in the top 50. Calm down and save some glory for the rest of us. Haha just kidding, keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot @syntaxracing and @amarsden71,

These are not multiple watch faces, only different layer of one watch. :slight_smile: I am a little bit of a perfectionist…

And you have the other 5 in the top 50, lol … (just kidding)

Can´t stop facing, i smelled blood - but not for fame or money.

Some mountainclimber were once asked, why they are climbing on that dangerous hills and they answered: “Just because we can.”

It´s a little bit similar with facing.

I love the fodder for my brain, the possibilies to canalize my creativity, the challenges…

Besides: Mountains are boring. :slight_smile:


I dont know what you’re talking about, I just counted 4 different faces of yours in the top 50. Not just recolors. That’s so amazing! Well I agree with you for most everything but I’m a snowboarder so mountains are also in my blood, along with art and computers. I’m kinda struggling right now though because one of my laptops blue screened on me twice two days ago so I’m trying to get my other one going but it’s having a NIC issues that I can’t seem to solve. I can face with my desktop but I had to give up my office for a nursery so now it’s connected to my Tv’s and I have to use steam controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. Its doable but slower. Then there’s the time issue, so many ideas but not enough time to do any of them.

Thanks for the nice words.

Well, the frequency of watch face publishing will lower in the next months, due to missing time… but i will go on for sure.


First Blood … :slight_smile:

A part of the work is done so far … Gears rendered, photoshopped, set in place and spinning ratios applied.

My eyes got fuzzy at the last step. It was complicated to test out the right speed for every gear.:wink:

Have a nice sunny Sunday!

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What can I say? I’m a sucker for gears and mechanical movement. This is going to be really nice.

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Thanks a lot.

I don‘t know yet if i keep the pulsating lights. What do you think? To much?

I agree with @szandor this watch is going to be killer. As For the lights I’d say try slowing them down and see how you feel. This makes me excited to try my own hand at a skeleton style face sometime.

Love the gears, think its the epitome of when watches were first made, being able to see the gearing and how the watch truly works. I myself am just starting out making watch faces and would love to take it to the next level and learn coding to really develop something special that smartwatch wearers would really appreciate. I googled the tool you mentioned “Gear Designer” and believe I found the correct link, but not sure, cause when I tried to download a gear, I couldn’t get it to load to Samsung Gear Designer which is the platform I’m using. If you have any suggestions, would greatly appreciate the help, thanks!!

Well, that gear designer is not made for watches and you can’t use the output directly, because it only generates dxf or svg-files.

I used it only for getting a correct draft and created the gears in Autocad afterwards by hand.

I didn‘t find any other program…

Most watch faces with gears in them are fakes that look nice. :slight_smile: