An animated Star Trek watch face

Here we go with a new, more animated version of my “Star Trek Space Fight” version, the “Star Trek Romulan Intercept”

As usual … feedback is welcome …

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were you intending the text to move as well?

Yes… it is supposed to be an “on glas” display, from another ship watching the battle…

I wish the ships moved a little faster. Also if they were shifted slightly left so you could see more of them together. The Enterprise is somewhat off screen when it fires at the Romulans. you only get to see the Romulan ship briefly.

thanks for the feedback … shifting themis no problem but I could not figure out how to get them moving faster… any help is welcome

what expression are you using? the design is not in inspector mode for me to look.

Have turned inspection mode on… thanks…

My best guess would be to add a multiplier on the #DWFSS# tag. Something like > (#DWFSS#*3). That would increase speed x 3. Of course you would also need to readjust the phaser stream to the new angle. Also the rotation on the enterprise may look a little better with one closer to 10 instead of 22.

Enterprise location for x,y:


Thanks a lot for the speed-up formula… what I found though is that the animations are becoming rougher when isstalled on a watch… they are not as smooth as before … any additional suggestions? here the link to check it out…