An excited BD-1


It looks like it has to go to the bathroom and is waiting in a long line. :laughing:


Love this and all your new star wars watches.

Very kewl


Thanks guys @mrantisocialguy and @tom.itssos
Check this one out Tom, my milestone anniversary Face I did a while ago (put it on Dim first, then back to Normal, and watch the whole animation, there’s 3 blending into the overall animation -

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If you were a girl, I think I’d love ya


Love it, well done piece of art there

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:rofl: Thanks Tom, most of it was done by dazstacey, a brilliant Face creator who’s been away for quite some time now; his math was exceptional.

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Ha ha! So true @mrantisocialguy , made me burst out laughing. Colleague walking by my office poked in to see what I was laughing about!

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