An objects current rotation

Is there a way to get the value of an objects current rotation?

I have a conditional statement and I would like the end to be a “stay in position’ value, ie whatever the current value is.


Current Value == Current Value .

Is that a tag?

(#VAR_1# == 1 ? #DFWS# : (#VAR_2# == 1 ? (-(#DFWS#)) : CURRENT VALUE)

That doesn’t seem right.

I think there exists a tag #ROTATION# but it never gets a value .

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I can not guess from you Formula what you intend. You do not have have $$ as seperators but the help to explain Makers intention. I have a feeling you might be edgeing towards #VAR_1_TE#.

#VAR_1_TE# is not what I want at all, I tested it and it is useless for my particular problem.

I want a rotation to happen when a Var toggle is pressed, otherwise the object should stay put.

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So then #VAR_1_TE# is exactly what you need . The timer does not run till you tap it . #VAR_1_TE# is a Toggle .

What is the difference between #VAR_1_T# and #VAR_1_TE# ?

Anyway, I decided to just use var increment and decrease to do the rotation.

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Ha Ha you asked the right question . So see this test I am trying to trap the Time stamp #DNOW# . I forgot there was a Tag for that . My Second biggest problem is my memory . My first Problem is I have not got a clue what I am doing . I jus Pog around till it start to work . Have a look at this any way I feel there is something in there . I presume you mean some time lapse thing . Not steps or something else like steps . We have no chance there . We can not Write numbers to memory then Read them .

To answer your Question VAR1_T traps the time stamp at that instant . TE is the time elapsed since then . Let us see if there is something there . Otherwise we are going to have to Invoke a Magician like @Zieneth or @petruuccios .

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I am sorry to add so much confusion . Just Ignore me .
I made this Mono-Push . Trying to Imitate What Peter did recently on one of his Faces .
Forgive me Peter for Jumping in Your Grave .

Sorry I cant figure what are you trying to do. A stopwatch maybe?
Can you please describe what do you want to make the watch face to display?

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It’s ok. I decided to skip the tap to start and stop rotating once I figured out what a bezel actually does. But I can see the use of TE and T if you want a double tap function or something like that.

(Is there a better list of tags and expressions than the official documentation pages? For example TE isn’t listed there)

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I dont know about any other documentation, but the meaning is this:
VAR_X_T is for timestamp when the VAR_X was last time updated (even reset).
Timestamp number means miliseconds since 1.1.1970 to the very moment.
VAR_X_TE is time elapsed in ms since VAR_X was last time updated (even reset).
By the definition, it should be equal #DNOW#-#VAR_X_T#

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I guess I was also looking for a way to do

IF something THEN this

instead of

IF something THEN this ELSE that

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You can leave the else part empty.

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#VAR_X_TE# is in the Documentation .But yes It does not tell you how to use it .Test Test Test .

Can you leave it empty? How do you do it.

For example

(#VAR_1_TE# == 0 ? ((#Dm# * 6) - 90) : #VAR_1# * 6)

would be what if the

#VAR_1# * 6

was left out?

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If anyone is interested then this

(#VAR_1# * (interpDial(#VAR_1_T#/(1000*60)%60, 0, 59, 360, -90 + 60)))

combined with a VAR Toggle does exactly what I was after.

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Good bit of bending . I hope it is working for you .