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Analog clock off center of screen

Hey friend,
How do I place a scaled-down analog clock off-center on the smartwach.

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If you go to this watchface I have made, there are two analog “clocks” side by side and you can click the rocket ship icon to the left of the watchface to see how it’s done. (You must go to the watchface page since the image here in the community will not show the rocket ship.)

MAG 2147


If you look at the properties to the right in the UI, it is fairly self-explanatory. You set the center in the x and y position


In Words. The X Y position is the Pivot point of a Hand Image. The hand Image must have its center at the pivot point of the hand . There are plenty of Hand images Free on this community.


Good Morning,
The model is very beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for.
I’m going to download it on my computer and try to learn how to do it.
Thank you so much!