Analog clock show 2 timezone

Hello, please help me, I want to make the watchface, for example, the main one at a different timezone and a second one to show a different timezone how to do it? I have a pro version for creation, I was looking for so much, I just saw a watchface where 2 o’clock and the second one can be adjusted for yourself, that is, apart from the main thing, you can also show another time, and so that both are analogous and not digital.
Please help me

Hi @ahmadmilodnizomi
I did realized this watch face (inspection mode is on. The small rocket icon) that i think is something similar to what you want. The face has a 3rd GMT hand as mechanical watches. that you can adjust 1h + or 1h - tappink on + and minus. Of course you can change the VAR increment and decrement position where you like. I.E: if you position increment at 2 o’c and decrement at 4 o’ clock you will have to change the time tapping 2 for + and 4 for -
Hope this will help, if it is what you are looking for.
If something is not clear ask me again



You are welcome

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Hi Russel
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And you Stay Well ::))