Analog plus Digital Readout

Hey All… I’m looking for a classic analog face that has a digital readout as well, plus a few other complications (date, messages and phone) for an Apple Watch Series 3. I am working on creating one, but would like to not have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Any advice or help?

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Welcome @foghorntn_saveface to the facer

It is a wonderful group, where there are many good designers, programmers and good people who can help you with your questions and ideas.

Soon someone from the group will help you with your questions and ideas.
I, in particular, don’t use the Apple Watch, and I don’t know a little about it.

Cordially! JDCardozo

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From recent experience, both myself and some other members created some Faces for Apple, and it would appear that absolutely no complications are compatible with Apple yet sorry. We tried a few different variations, and when synced nothing worked, no animations, no info like Battery levels, Steps, or Weather. All that Apple seems to let us use at this moment in time is a simple, static photo/image. Keep a look out though, things could change anytime…