Analog Time Dim Mode

Hello all.

Started on Facer a few weeks ago moving away from WatchMaker and Facer is way better on options and battery life.

I’m a little confused on one feature that I"m assuming I’m overlooking.

How does one show the analog time in dim mode? All the hour/minute/second hands I choose do not show up when I preview in dim mode.

When creating the face after all your layers are placed and coded click the dim tab above the top layer and it will show all the layers for the dim mode. Click all the eyes to enable the layers you want to display on dim and you should be good to go.

@KWC Thanks for the advice. I did a check of everything you’ve suggested and it’s still not properly showing up.

I’ve attached a couple of snapshots of the minute hand to reference. As you can see, it’s close to the top layer so it should not be covered, it’s near default and all “eyes” are enabled.

I’ve also tried to use anther set of analog hands in white to see if the color was the problem and it is not.

Is there something obvious that I’m missing?

FYI, I’ve compensated for this issue for now to place a digital time on the screen when dim.

I only see the one pic so not sure what you had on the other one. So you clicked the dim tab next to active and all the layers are on? If so I don’t a clue. Do you have a link to the draft? You can post it and I can take a look at how it works mode to see if anything sticks out to me.