And another one ... GAUSS-Bronco Custom - coming soon

Well, you can´t say i am not diligent… :slight_smile:

This is my second project i was woking on, besides the ticwatch pro watch contest.

I am proud to present the GAUSS-Bronco Custom. Coming soon, at the moment it is in review by the facer staff.

I already released a free one a few weeks before (GAUSS Classic Car), but this has so much more … The display has grown bigger with a very good readability, i added a huge lot of customizing objects, improved the overall look and added a 4-phase Dim mode for saving battery. Included are now 4 app access abilities and i found a possibility to switch the light mode in the active mode.

Check it out, i think you may like it.

Greetings, GAUSS.


I like this one Alot. Your designs just get better and better.

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The detail is amazing and looks just like the instrument gauge! My dad had a bronco “eddie bauer” version and I remembered the dash, I drove many trails using the gauges!

Great piece of Art…


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Thank you both! I tried to get as close as possible to the original.

This is awesome!!

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