And first multiple display watch face

It really takes days to create something with this many complications (but I bet many of you have done way more complicated ones). It also took forever to do the “promotional images”.

Also thanks to Russel for testing it and suggesting modifications. :smiley:

(Fun facts: the heart image actually beats to the wearer’s heart rate. There are three hidden app launcher in there too.)


Ha Ha. Find The Button . Yeah Promos is a Bind. Like Washing the dishes after a nice Meal. Good when it is done.

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Nice, maybe you could use 10 marks instead 12 for the upper subdial

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Ha Ha. Peter spots it. As Always.

Looking good!
Maybe you want to hide the stopwatch buttons when changing to other dials.
Or even better, do not allow changing the dials when the stopwatch is running.


I find it good the Chrono runs in the background but I think the Tap areas shoud be dismissed so they can not be hit by miatake.


Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I changed the power level scale and I shrunk the chrono start/stop and pause trigger areas to a radius of 1 if not in the stop watch display.

I am really going to have to look at my scales before publishing from now on. :smiley:

(I am actually able to trigger the chrono if I click around in the preview window but I don’t think anyone could do that on a real watch unless they have tiny fingers.)

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You finger does not have to be tiny to hit a 1 px diameter Tap Pad. You just have to cover it. Right it is less responsive. Just Zero Them. Or send them.Off Stage. The Trick of Zeroing them just amuse me and you can still see where they are centerd when you select their layer.

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Hey! AI suggested a 1 pixel radius! Ok, it is zeroed now on all displays except the stop watch one. :slight_smile:

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So the Chrono dtops when you swap the Sub Dials. I thought you were going to leave it running. I will have a better look later. Bit early yet.

No, it is still running. If you switch displays you’ll get the little blinking stopwatch image in the top left corner indicating it is running.


Yeah sorry. Just had a better look. I have a feeling your Weather dial is Unique. I love the Mist Icon. Most never get that right. Sadly as it is a Pro / Premium it is unlikly to get in the charts. I have not checked but the Lite version. Might get in.

For the lite version I would have weather, battery power and steps or your Moon Phase . With date of course.

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A nice watch!!