And now for something totally different

Thanks to Orakix for giving me the idea for this :clap:


That is really cool, and yes, very different.

Well done!!

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Very nice!

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I like this kind of out of the box thinking (and that the face is not littered with animations, :slight_smile: joking) .

One small thing maybe, if the battery% was in orange or white, it would be much better readable in the upper half of dial…

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Thanks for your kind comments everyone, much appreciated, and I’ll check out that Battery % colouring thanks Peter :+1:

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Although you did miss the Monty Python phrase ‘And now for something completely different’


It’s probably because he wasn’t a lumberjack and wasn’t OK! :laughing:

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Well at least you weren’t “drag” racing! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


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