Android App will not Sync any Faces

I accepted some time ago that my Samsung Tablet could not Sync Faces to my Samsung Watch. No Surprises there.
But now my phone ( Huawie) which is the host of my watch will not Sync a Face either.
So I have to go to Creator and sync fom there? That is dependant on me getting a Notification of a watch I am Intrested in. So If I see a Face I would like to view on my watch. I would have to Follow the Designer then of course miss that watch but maybe like thier next.
Yes I have tried Little Labs : (

So I reinstalled The Facer App on my phone and now it works. Can sync Faces to my Watch from it now. I used the Sign up that I remembered and that worked thankfully. Still do not know why that login will not work offering Feedback from /creator. I am frightened to try it and lose all my work. Is it a Separate Login?