Android Wear 2.0 complications - what are your thoughts?

Hi premium designers!

As you know, we’ve rolled out support for Android Wear 2.0 complications a couple of months ago. We’d love to get your feedback on that feature:

  • Do you ever use it in your designs?
  • Anything you’d improve about it? In the Facer Creator? In the mobile/watch app itself?
  • Would you be interested in participating in a collection focused on Android Wear 2.0 complications?

The Facer Crew

I personally have a Sony swr50 smartwatch which sadly didn’t get an upgrade from 1.5 to 2.0.
I tried them ones to see what they can do, but since they don’t give any additional effect (everything can be reproduced with right coding) I don’t use then anymore and thanks to that user of non 2.0 android wear watches (such as I) can use 100% of my faces.

This is good news! I am interested in making a 2.0 collection! What do I have to do?

Personally, I haven’t investigated building specific 2.0 functions yet. As Mellin said for many of the built-in features (steps, etc) we already have tags for. However, links (tags?) to target applications is the goal I suppose. So I guess we have to decide collectively what our goals are as a development group.
Are we building apps for wearables?
Or are we trying to connect high-popularity wearable apps to our watchfaces?
If so, what are the most popular wearable apps?
Is there a target group like a music player, or GPS features, calendar events or meetings coming up?

This is just some thinking I’ve been doing. Thoughts anyone?


Agree with comments by @Mellin and @jmorga106, the TAGS we have and @Mellin skill for writing code around these means our faces work on all wearables. If your considering Android 2 complications what about those on Tizen? The one feature that would be great Android2 or Tizen would be ‘stop watch’

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To be honest, when I heard about those complications I seriously thought that they might give us some more info we didn’t have access to before, but it is still old data with different, preset look.

The fact that faces wouldn’t be 100% compatible with Tizen is definitely a valid concern, and we’re working on ways to address that.

The upside of using Android Wear 2.0 complications instead of the internal Facer tags are that the end user can swap your complication with whatever they want, including a ton of options we can’t support on our side. One basic example would be your face including a weather complication by default, but the user being able to swap that with a complication showing the stock market instead.

The second upside, is that a lot of these complications are tappable and can launch 3rd party apps on the watch. In the previous stock market example, this could launch a stock market app on tap. This would be transparent to you on the designer side - the only thing you need to define is where the complication is, and what type of complication it is.

If that’s interesting to you guys, we can prepare a collection dedicated to these faces and promote it heavily in the next few weeks.

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Valid points, and worth considering for AW2 range - and for Tizen too please

I think Android Wear 2.0 complications would be a killer feature if anyone could use them on their watch faces. Too many watch faces include a step count, I’m not interested in that. What I’d find far more useful is the number of unread notifications, and the next calendar event.

I know this is an old thread but Wear 2.0 complication has a feature that is not available anywhere.
That feature is estimated time until next event. I use that feature a lot and that is the reason why I don’t use Facer.
Facer jas the best watch faces of any Watch Face customization app but without this feature it is not compelling enough to use it.

Maybe there is another way to achieve this with the current functionalities but I did not find it.

Hi @maiqueolivas! you should be able to use that feature with any watch face that supports Wear 2.0 complications: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

Can you give that a try and let me know if it works?

Hi, thank you for your feedback.
I always looked in Facer Creator and did not find it so I thought the existing watches did not have this functionality.

Can I create my own Watch faces with this functionality or do I need to be a premium creator?
I can’t seem to find the element for that.

@Facer_Official It works but can I create my own and use a Complication element?

@Facer_Official any feedback on this subject?

The insertion of complication objects is only available to Premium Designers.