Android Wear and Paper Mag want your designs!

In case you haven’t heard, ANDROID WEAR and PAPER MAG are sponsoring an amazing contest for watch face designers to design the Android Wear Fall Collection!

All you have to do is post your design to Instagram with the hashtags #AndroidWear and #WearWhatYouWant to enter! You can design in whatever way you’d like, but the Facer Creator is an awesome and easy way to enter. Once your design is submitted to the Facer platform, you can use our “Share It” button to easily create a GIF to download and then share on Instagram! So what are you waiting for?!

The panelists (judges) include the legendary Cynthia Rowley, industry maven Jenné Lombardo, Queen Bey’s visionary stylist, Ty Hunter, Android Wear designer Morten Just, and PAPER’s own Editorial Director, Mickey Boardman.

The Grand Prize winner will be awarded a mentorship with one of the aforementioned panelists, a dream trip to Paris Fashion Week, and of course, an Android Wear watch.

Make sure you link your Instagram posts in the comments of this thread so we can share your amazing work with the rest of the community! Can’t wait to see your designs!

This opportunity is pretty insane. The deadline is September 15th so be sure you enter your designs before that! Start today!

Good luck to you all!

The Facer team

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First entry from our own @Lukasz / @wutronic! Make sure to follow the link to follow his model and make sure to use the following tags in your entry: #androidwear #wearwhatyouwant #facer

The Facer team

Got one more coming at you!

If you want to know how to make a video from your gifs on here is how:

1. Get and Download your gif from

2. Go to and convert your gif to a video. This will make a 2second video, which is 1second shy of the minimum requirement for instagram.

3. Download the video.

4. Go to and upload your video, and submit it twice

5. download you 4 second video! it should be the second file in the list.

then just email/airdrop it to yourself and post that badboy on instagram!

official rules say only 1 entry per person. i decided to submit my updated Ombre watch face


Here’s a quote from the official rules page

THERE IS A LIMIT OF ONE (1) ENTRY PER PERSON, THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CONTEST PERIOD. Entries in excess of the stated limitation will be void.

so if you enter more than 1 submission you will not be in the running

This is “Nflate!”

Get it here:

Well it looks like they commented on some of the people’s posts but never announced a winner on social media. However some of the people that they commented on as a finalist are entries according to their own rules are invalid because they were submitted multiple times. So I don’t get why they would say there’s certain rules and then not abide by them which is kind of dumb. however android themselves and Google have never said anything about this contest so this contest got sketchy really fast

@danielcarino let us contact Google to see what is going with this and keep you posted!

@danielcarino Hey Daniel! FYI, we just chatted with Google and they confirmed that users with multiple entries will NOT be eligible to win this contest. In other words, even if some may have been selected as finalists at the first pass, they will be disqualified at the next stage. Cheers!

Well that stinks they still took places of people who entered only 1 :confused: