Android Wear support for iOS app version?

Will the android wear watches be supported in the iOS version of Facer? Right now I own an Asus zenwatch 3 with an iPhone, and for me to use the watchface I’ve made with facer I would have to either limit myself by only having a custom face (with using android device from another family member), or forget about having custom faces at all. However it would be very favorable to have both at the same time.

I’ve searched through this community forum regarding this, and either the posts were completely empty or the answers were really vague. I am wondering if this would ever be a possibility in the coming future?

In the meanwhile, does anybody knows an alternative method that does not involve an android device and cost free?

Hey, so I was also looking for ways to put more custom faces on my android wear through iphone. I found this tutorial which may be of interest to you. Ive transferred several faces this way and some work well and some don’t.

Look around there are other apps that do this already!

I’ve already found an another app which is capable on creating, and successfully importing my watchface to the watch. Also I don’t think it is possible to export to a physical file on facer creator, which has the custom face I have made. But thanks for the help anyways, it is appreciated.

I was just hoping for iOS - Android Wear compatibility for the facer app itself, which is too bad that it seems it’s not happening any time soon.

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Yeah I already moved on from facer to Watchmaker. Needed couple of bucks but it’s working nicely now. Only feature I miss from facer creator would be custom font support.