Animated icons that move slowly around the watch

Im trying to figure out how I can use images to move slowly around the watch face as a second timer or just a decoration? I hope this makes sense confused : /

Try this: [Tutorial] How To Create Circular Motion (Not Rotation)

How do I get it to rotate around the edge of the watch in slow motion, Sorry Im not to good at this :frowning: Im a newbie at it all

I really dont understand this at all, : ( i must be a bit slow on it

Hi @nikkla

Small obj orbiting edge of watch / second hand

(160 + cos((#DWFS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 140)

(160 + sin((#DWFS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 140)

The 140 is what controls the spacing from the center
The DWFS tag is for seconds that “jump”… if you want it to move smoothly use DWFSS.If you want ticking motion just #DWFS#.

All the above is quoting someone whom I cant recall that helped me, I save all this stuff in a code tag notepad :slight_smile:

See below, inspection enabled, hope that helps :wink:

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Wow ty your my Angel :slight_smile:

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yw :slight_smile:

Is there somewhere I can find good animated gif and png items
like hands faces ect its so hard to find nice ones

like hands with lips hearts ect

Hi Nikkla, you can try this Italian site where there are various gifs, I hope you find it useful.


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thank you so much :blush: