Animation after completing goal

Is there a way to add an animation upon completing your step goal? Like a delayed gif?

Well you can add the conditional in the opacity

I dont have my pc here but basically

“Logic for step goal” && “Logic for animation”

It should be possible.
If no one comes up with it I can try tomorrow

Yes all you would need to do is create an exception on the gif anim to come onto the screen when the goal is reached if you use the sequence bit in the creator you will not be able to control the opacity so just throw the giff off the screen and put it on when your goal is reached.

@dazstacey @joedoughty sorry for just now responding to this but is this possible to do so on Basic Facer Creator? I would like to do different animation for every 2500 steps until 10000 steps. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Use the Opacity field to show something when the event you want is coming. For example


Here you can see a working example