Animation by expression

I have recently been playing with an animation by expression to try and help with a specific issue but also as a project for me to learn about that aspect of design.
The idea is simple, a 10 second each way triangle wave motion decending a slope.
It is not overly complex once finished but took some trial and error to get to a single layer version starting at zero knowledge so I thought I would share:




Nicely done and well explained thank you :+1:

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cool, now add a (co)sine and make a round wave! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work. IMO, what you have done is one of the draws of this hobby, figuring out the right mathematical expression to visuallize what you want to create in your mind.


I did that first using sine as I had an expression handy that @russellcresser had passed along to animate a beating heart.
It was actually slightly easier as the sin took care of both up and down.


Aye. I started out using 4 separate balls (right up, right down, left up, left down) to keep each expression simple. Also I wasn’t sure if complex expressions would play nice in conditionals.
I gave it a shot though and moved the opacity conditionals into the X and Y and once I’d figured which ) or $ I had missed it worked a treat. The document I did was from the first right up ball.