Animation Heart Rate with Line

Hi everyone. I’ve created a small animation of a heartbeat with a line next to it using a Gif image. It would be very encouraging if someone perfected it.


I usually use a mask and a progress bar below it to get that effect. (tap the big button twice to see)


Yes same here. I used a mask for this watch face below.
I then have several rectangles running behind it. I used #DWFSS#*12 as a base.
I did not bother about a start and end, so the rectangles run past the watch face and start at 0 or beyond that, which is also off the watch faces. So something like:

rectangle 1: (#DWFSS#*12)
rectangle 2: (-280+#DWFSS#*12)
rectangle 3: (-560+#DWFSS#*12)

This is the mask:


Of course you can stick to your design.

Here a test watch face that is open for inspection:


Thank you for the suggestions and input. this is very valuable to me.

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