Animation Help needed

When i have 4 single Images set at 3,6,9 and 12 o´Clock, how can i make them move separately in a rotation around the face? When i set it like on a smooth second rotation, all 4 will be in one pile. Any Help would be appreciated

Do you want them digits to rotate, or to “orbit” (run around circle in upright position)?
For rotation simply add 90° more to the next one.

I want them to move around like the second count but from each possition … is that understandable ?

If you want them numbers to orbit like this

you need to put expressions for their placement coordinates like
(“pivotX”+“radiusInX”*sin(rad(#DWFSS#+“position on circle”)))
(“pivotY”-“radiusInY”*cos(rad(#DWFSS#+“position on circle”)))
where pivot is usualy 160,160, but Y may be different since texts are not always aligned in centre of the height.
radius in y can differ from x when the object is rather tall or wide and should move more on eliptical path.
position on circle means how many degrees of the 360° circle should they start at 00s.

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yes that what i was looking for, for mine there are Pics not Numbers i figure it out

Could you open that for Inspection maybe ?

I had to finish it as a watch face and publish to make it inspectable.
Orbiting can be any object. I put there numbers to better display which position is each.

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You can turn on inspection on unpublished faces also. I do it all the time.

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It looks awesome … I like it a lot

I used mine a bit different. But im very happy with the outcome . Thank you Guys again for the quick help