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I’m having issues with getting the layer properties down for my Face. Essentially, I want the coffin to kind of pause for a short time between the ‘opening’ animation. I’d say like 10s or something? I don’t really know what will look good, but the constant loop looks kind of silly and disorienting to me. My only other face has the same issue and I’d like to know how to fix it if possible!

This is what’s in my opacity line for each of the 15 image frames:

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Hello, I think with this approach your sequence is not displaying the frames 11-15 since #Dsm#-#Ds# cant be bigger than 10*0.1
I would put the “closed” frame as a background image. The all other frames into one sequence layer above it. Set its duration to 1s and make the layer disappear from display area with something like $(#Ds#%5)>0?500:160$ in one of the placement coordinations. It will be somewhat faster, but whole.


First of all, welcome to the Community inside_broken :slightly_smiling_face:
Secondly, when posting a link to a Face, please remove the * and following Space from the beginning of the link, that way your Face will appear right here, like this -

As to your problem, I’m afraid my Math/Coding is worthless to non existent, so I cannot help you sorry, but there are lots of friendly and helpful people here, and if petruuccios comment hasn’t helped you, then I’m sure somebody else soon will (maybe dazstacey, lucky_andrei, or thaMattie to mention a few I know).
Good luck, and I hope you have fun creating… :+1:

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I forgot to mention I do have the static closed image as a background after the animation frames! I will try this code method though and see what happens. Thank you!

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That’s looking pretty cool, I can see why you want the lid to stay open for a few Seconds though…I’m pretty sure dazstacey could sort that out for you, if he has time that is. It was his expertise that created this -

I really love that! Wow so many frames!! I actually just want a space of time when the lid is closed. I can edit the lid frames to repeat a few times before closing again. I just can’t get my head around how to put a break before opening again.

Believe it or not, but it’s just a few images really, and C3P0 has his own short sequence.
I’ll message him for you, and I’m pretty he can help, but please bear in mind that he might be busy.

Hi just to start off with your idea of using each frame is perfect for what you are trying to do except your timer is no good as it only gives you 1 second of animation time i suggest using this for what you are doing it will then give you 1 min worth of time with milliseconds to make it easy.

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As @petruuccios already mentioned, you are only using the first 10 frames of your animation.

You can use:

speed = 1 would be one frame per second, so let’s say we want 12 frames per second, with your 15 frames, the expressions would be:
Frame1: $ceil(#DWE#*12%15)==1?100:0$
Frame2: $ceil(#DWE#*12%15)==2?100:0$
Frame3: $ceil(#DWE#*12%15)==3?100:0$
Frame4: $ceil(#DWE#*12%15)==4?100:0$
… etc

You can add more “open lid” frames in the middle and increase the total of frames

I thought you wanted the lid open longer, but you wanted a pause between the animations.
You can achieve this by having frame 15 always shown, and not show any other frames for a while.
The expression would become:

So let’s say I want 4 seconds in between, and I have 14 frames left (15th is always shown), then (frames+(seconds*speed)) would be (14+(4*12))) which is 62.
Our expressions would end up being:
Frame1: $ceil(#DWE#*12%62)==1?100:0$
Frame2: $ceil(#DWE#*12%62)==2?100:0$
Frame3: $ceil(#DWE#*12%62)==3?100:0$
Frame4: $ceil(#DWE#*12%62)==4?100:0$
… etc

Image 15 would always be visible, and for frame 15 to 62 there would be no other frames on top:


That looks great Matt :+1:

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Muy buen trabajo @ThaMattie :clap::clap::clap::clap::100: