Animation Struggles

Okay, so I love this new design by @roycaruso (see below - let me know if I didn’t embed it properly)

How on earth did he make the arms/ legs and snow move? I can’t find any animation options on Creator. Sorry for the newbie question!


Those are probably not animated as a GIF sequence . Check that layer . He has probably set them as Hands as it were and uses a sin formula for the movement . You should go half way to show us what you are interested in showing . I will show you quick test .


Thanks for the shout out! Glad you like the design :slight_smile: It was something a bit new for me (first time working with someone else and quite different from my other designs). I had a lot of fun with it!

For the snow, I cannot take any credit. The best place to go is: [TOMAJA Tutorial] Snow, Snowflake & Winter Dream for Every Watch Face [How to]

In terms of the arms, legs, and hat, there is unfortunately no easy ‘animate’ option in Creator (by the way, never apologise for asking questions! We all started fresh at some point). You can edit the ‘rotation’ field to make things move though. For example, the code for the arms is (-clamp(sin(#DWFSS#*0.3)*10,-90,90))

It may look scary, but there is a nice discussion of the code here: How to make elements loop a movement? - #6 by mikeoday

Hope that helps, my friend!


Omg I didn’t realise you could do any of that…Seems so complicated! I am interested in designing a face that looks like a UFO zooming through a galaxy. I want the UFO to move to the left and the stars and planets to move diagonally down to the right. How would I do that? :joy:


And I realised a may have hijacked you from showing this face in a ‘Show your style’ thread @roycaruso ! My bad. You should still post it so people can see. This is more a ‘problem solving’ thread.


What you are asking about is Scrolling . I suspect you would like to zoom the Saucer which is done BT putting a scrolling formula in the height and width fields .
Have a look at some stuff with a search .
Come back with some images in a Inspectable Draft and we can show you what to do .

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Thanks! Will do :slight_smile:


No need to apologise! I think most people read most thread types anyway, so people should still get to see the design here :slight_smile:

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