Scrolling Image Help

Trying to animate an image that scrolls across the screen. Trying to figure out the expression for this. I have it so it scrolls but it starts partially on the watch. I’ve tried adjusting numbers. But not sure if I’m doing it wrong. This is what I have for an expression:


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That is kind of what I’m going for but just one image to scroll onto the screen and off.

For example, like this

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Yes but with that when it starts over part of the image pops on the screen.

Here is the watch face I made for my Fitbit. This is what I’d like the image to do. It scrolls on and off. But it keeps wanting to pop on halfway through the image on the facer watch face I am working on.

Thanks so much!

You need to change this formula, depending on the width of your image and the speed at which the image moves. Try changing the number 387. You can also add something to this formula, if necessary.


That works brilliantly thanks lucky.andrei :+1:
I played around with the numbers a little, (0+(380*(((0.12)#DWE#)-(floor((0.12)#DWE#))))), but how can I make it scroll at a different angle please, something like from 7:30 up diagonally to 2:30?

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For examples in Y Positions


Awesome, works like a charm thank you lucky.andrei Sir…
(Now all I need is that Text displayed correctly in the Minute Hand :grin:)

If anyone wants to use any of this, Inspection Mode should be on :sunglasses: