Animations Choppy on Fossil Q Explorist

Hello all.

I have a Fossil Q Explorist and I’ve noticed that all animations on Facer watch faces are choppy and not smooth as expected. When looking at watch faces in the app on my phone, several have a smooth animation for second hands and some images but when transferred to the phone there is a distinct lag between refreshes, sometimes as much as a full second. I’ve tried turning on and off the Animations option in the app with no noticeable change.

I don’t know if this is an issue with the watch or the app. I would hope that being a new gen 3 Fossil that it would have the processing power to handle animations smoothly.

Are there any tips or tricks I can try being new to Android Wear or is this a known performance issue with this watch?

Thanks much in advance.

Hi there!

Can you try our beta? It should be drastically faster: Facer 4.5.0 Beta: A New & Improved Android Wear Rendering Engine!



I just signed up to be to be included in the beta and updated both the watch and phone and performance so far is much better and in line with what I would expect. Thank you much for the quick response and all the work you all do!