Anime Theme Watch Faces

Hi everyone, I’m new. I love Anime so I decided to make some clock faces with this theme. My dials are entirely designed by me with my tablet and therefore are not images taken from the internet.
I hope you enjoy them!


Hi and welcome to the community. Cool dragon!

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Thank u!!!

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Nice designs there and your artwork is really cool, well done and welcome to the best Smartwatch Face Creating Community.
May I suggest enlarging your Font size on all the Texts though, 10 is very, very small, whereas 18-20 would be much more easily visible (I usually use 22 or 24 myself).

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Hi and welcome to the best forum indeed for faces. Use this forum also to learn the tips, tricks and opportunities to enhance further your design. I like very much what you did and you will appeal a lot of young face takers. Especially that you went down the mile, to produce yourself the objects, designs. Great.

Being an animation man, i would love for example to make them more dynamic, alive. Perhaps by moving the light stars in the last beautiful face, like a sun that lights the metal up and moves somewhat. Take a look at my page to see what i mean with animations.

Take care.

Nice pictures!
As already been remarked by icrltd4 you could raise your font weight.

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