Another new watch face - GAUSS-Evo

Well, i had some time in the winter holidays and used it to make further steps in my weak point, the digital, more information based watches. Most of ´em are a little bit to overloaded in my opinion but i know that a lot of you like especially this kind of watch faces.

What i created was a some sort of compromise. I tried to design it smoother, with nice visuals on it. And i tried to make the lcd screen as near to the originals as possible - with some nice color variants.

The design of theswitchable digital watch (when you press the globe) was a tribute to one of my most beloved watches i owned when i was young. The Casio 1983 AA-86 “Blue thunder” watch. I swapped it with a friend and was very happy about it. I don´t have it anymore and i get tears in my eyes when i see what collectors are paying nowadays for the real ones.

The watch face is not yet published - first of all i have to make descriptions and explanation banners.

Many thanks to all that helped me with the UTC-coding problems, @carlosfilippa @Orakix, @dario.marnoni !

I hope you enjoy this customizable watch face.

Greetings, GAUSS.


I like this one too… but always in “no color” mode… this year I feel “black”

I am totally with you. I am black in my soul, black at my feets and so i must wear a black watch face … :slight_smile:

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Very impressive, i love it !!!


I love digital watches! Very Nice!!

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Thank you very much.