Another tech demo ... GAUSS-Carribean

Originally i only wanted to improve/enhance my animation skills…But if you know my perfectionism then you know that i can´t only move some simple objects like circles and rectangles to test anims.

The result of my studies became a stunning looking life picture with a chilling beach scene at the carribean sea, with some nice floating vessels.

Have a look at the water animation, i think it became quiet nice.

All parts from this picture are from the virtual pirate island i created some years ago. If you want to have a look on the source scene, visit my old homepage on:

If you get the x3d Plugin from you can walk around on the Island and on the ships in real time, even sail sail them by watching a nice sundown… Ah, yes - you switch on sound in that case…

I hope you enjoy.

Greetings. Phantasico


Wow!! Beautiful design! I love your animations!

Thank you very much!

Indeed very realistic, excellent work

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Thanks! :smile:

It’s so beautiful that I want to climb into that watch face and live there for a week. :heart_eyes:

Thanks, @Linlay.

Well, then you should visit my virtual world and sail into the sundown…

It‘s worth it, i promise. I was well known in the international vrml world builder guild in the past.

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