Antique MAP ( watch Hands )


I’m trying to build a new watch with an antique MAP

But I do not know which color can be use for hands ?
What do you think about this issue ?

thanks a lot

With the colors in your map, you are almost going to have to double up on the number of hands and make the back ones black and moved over from X=160 Y=160 to something like X=162 Y=162. That will give you a sharp contrast to whatever color you use for the top hands. Personally for the top hands I would use something bright or silver to maximize the contrast between the map and lower hands. Picture faces are sometimes very hard to select the right colors for hands or numbers. Just keep playing with the color until you find a combination you like. GOOD LUCK! :shamrock:


Hi, did you try black or dark rusty brown or yellowish brass like?
And like @mrantisocialguy mentioned, adding own black semitransparent duplicate of hands below the actual ones, instead of using the built in shade effect, will let you control the “depth and contrast” of the hands.


If your image is an antique map I think your colors are too bright. I’d go with a brownish ecru color background, mute the colors a bit, and use black or metal antique style hands. Some texture like vintage paper might look nice, too. Play around with it until it looks old - as if you found it in an attic.

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