Any faces with the tide?

Hi all

I am looking for watch faces which hasn’t the tide in them as well.

I have one from here but I was wondering if there are any more?



Hello, yes there are many. You can search the word tide and you can find such among the results.

Some nice examples:


I’ve got a couple. Be careful what you wish for, this first one is nuts. The 2nd one will probably only work for for Wearos, and the last one is quite localized.


The Tide Master is one of the few I have bought. I guess @cdfowler26 is aware that they have to be set to local conditions. That these settings dissappear if theFace is swapped for another. I don’t know @mikeoday managed to get a Data Lock on this one. I think there was some talk about that.
I have an Unpublished Face that is calibrated to my local Tides as it is pretty much in sync with the Moon Phase.
I would be happy to calibrate it for your location and you could test that. If you are Intrested.

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