Any Real Advice on Becoming a Partner?

Hi everyone! I am a graphic designer based in Argentina. I hope to make a serious career as a watchfaces designer. Trying to learn and improve every day. Could you give me some advice on how to achieve the amount of syncs necessary to be considered a Partner? Thank you!

Sadly, its pure luck! You can hedge the bet by making unique watchfaces with lots of detail. But in the end, it all depends on how fickle the user base is and if they approve, how badly Facer wants another partner.


I think your best bet is to make a break trough with apple faces. Prepare something captivating and publish it on Sunday when the charts are about to reset. If it happens to make into the charts and climbs higher, the syncs usually follow geometrically. I once happen make a face, that made it to #1 in the fourth week and it collected about 4k+ syncs by then. Had I multiple there, the goal would be probably reached.

You can also try to get featured on facer pages, or at least prepare for that.
read this article:

Also do not forget to advertise on social media, like Facer facebook group, or individually.
And do not forget that syncs are not the sole condition.


If you do good work, people will notice. Be active and diverse.


Hard work and patience then. Thank you!

@petruuccios I think these are great tips from someone with a lot of experience. Makes sense, thanks for sharing in detail !!

Thank you! Let´s do it

You’re welcome! These two are good. Keep working up pieces like these and add more detail and refine as you go, good work! (Example: maybe add little borders or insets for the additional elements like the date, weather, etc. maybe some animation too)


@Rator Thank you so much! I really value your opinion and advice. I’m already working on new models!

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Anytime, and thanks! Good luck!

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No… if Facer put you “supported” status, you will be successful and mybe later partner… More depend on luck, not just work quality… sadly…

You don’t become a partner by being lucky. Good original, consistent work gets you noticed.


Hi @safesz
I really appreciate your point of view. I didn´t know about the “supported” status, I´ll check it out. I don’t know how the algorithm will work but I strongly believe that while luck exists, it has to find you working.

Are you sure? I am not…

There are some “partners” who have 5-10 watchface… that is all about consitent, good, and original work… If Facer somehow not “promoted” you, you wont be successful…

@safesz Thanks again.
@Facer_Official It would be very enriching to know the official view of this matter. Since many of us want to make a professional career on its great platform and it can be a big obstacle if the rules are not completely clear. Could you share your opinion with the community? Thank you

Well I know you won’t be a partner if your work sucks, if you have infringed on copyrights, and/or you only make one face a year. So yeah, kinda sure.

I don’t know any partners that only have 5-10 faces unless they’re brand new. And Facer doesn’t support non-partners. They will feature your faces and collections when you are a partner, but not for every face or every collection. Just so you know.

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Hey and welcome to the community. Also don’t be afraid to try other platforms… Where as u might not have any luck in Facer u might have luck in another. While Smart watches are becoming more and more popular all the time there are more and more sites like facer popping up and there will only be more coming in the future. Im not going to sit here and list em all. A quick google search will help u there and good luck on finding ur place in the watch face making world…


@jnorrell17 Thank you very much, I will keep that in mind

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Oh and forgot to tell u … Great watch faces for sure (:

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