Anybody know where to find this

hi, does anybody know the name or where i can find this watchface? been looking for days on the internet, with no succes…thanx

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For now with your question …

Personally, I did not see this design …
Very soon, when someone from this group vacates … they will confirm your question …too
If someone in this group has this design … or not …

Cordially!!! JDCardozo

I don’t recognize that. Where did you find the photo? Maybe you could contact the source of the photo or ad and ask where the watch face came from.

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It looks like someone Photoshopped that image into a Huawei Watch 3 Pro

The “tickmarks” are part of the case, so they should have been in your image as well.

It would indeed be handy to know the source of your image…

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it is a thumbnail for a video on youtube talking about the new galaxy watch 4…it has been asked in the comments by several persons where he got the watchface, but no reply from the youtuber

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It is on galaxy store under name AMC191128 JUM made by AM Canada Inc. But it is probably for Samsung watches only

the promo-photo has same data on it, so its no way from any real watch huawei gt3 pro.


wow…thanx a million…this is the one…just put it on my galaxy watch 3 and it works perfectly…thanx again

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£1:16 to buy in the Galaxy Store -

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