Anyone having problems with Creator right now?

I hate to be that guy but I can’t get my Facer Creator to open? It does’t load and just sits there. Normally I would chalk it up to maintenance etc, but its been 4 hours. It was working fine and then suddenly not.

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Yes, extremely slow since yesterday. But I am at a remote location where connectivity is bad. So I thought it was that… Found it better with the Firefox browser. No idea why…

yeah I am using Safari and I just loaded it in Google chrome and it opened up. Went back to Safari to test and a face loaded…thought it was all good, but now its not loading again in Safari.

yup…now its working in Chrome, but not Safari. Brand spanking new MacBook Pro so I doubt that is a contributing issue.

same here with Safari…

Thanks for the quick response…I’ll just shift over to chrome for now.

Hi Dear friend…My laptop system is Linux. I have to use Chrome. Of course, it has a better loading speed

I’m getting this on all browsers on my iPad right now.

Very frustrating to pay for something you can’t use!

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Same here on my iPad, no browser works for me. Very frustrating!