Anyone knows what face is this?

Hi guys… I just wanted to know if anybody out there knows what Face is this one:

I’ve been looking for it in the website but haven’t been able to find it…

Thank you guys… have a beautiful day :slight_smile:

Is that your watch or a picture you found online?

That’s a picture I found…

I know it is “sketchy”… but had to try… :slight_smile:

It would be nice if that was my watch, because it would mean I already would have the Face in it

Yeah unfortunitly I can’t say what it is or if it even a Facer face. My guess, with it being a Samsung watch and a Samsung phone in the background, the face is a stock face on the samsung s3 classic watch.
Maybe search minimal and see what you can find. Or try your hand at recreating it. Should be fairly simple with just the creator assets.

I think the watch is a Fossil Q Explorist and those circles look like wear os complications… but that it’s not a Fossil stock watchface, at least I don’t have it…

Oh! You’re right, thanks for the correction. I guess I didn’t look close enough to the watch.

Found it.

A/D Watchface

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Nice!!! that is the one… :smiley:

But now it seems i’ll need to get into creating it for my Samsung Gear S3…

Thanks a lot!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Brilliant, good detective work!

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