Anyone looking/willing to do some custom work? (Tag Heuer)

I just downloaded and subscribed here and I’m finding the tutorials not very helpful. Is anyone willing to do some custom designs, and if so, how much would that cost? Thanks very much for your consideration!


You are asking the wrong Question in the wrong place. Facer does not support Freelance Makers Charging for thier work. Those who have become Partners and get paid for Designing Faces woul not replicate a Face already Marketed.
You should go with your Request to the Wonderful World of Facer Face Book. Those kind of requests get a lot of Intrest there.

Of course you could make one for yourself and just not publish it.


I believe this request may also be a violation of Facebook Facer Group rules.


Try making your own watchface. Start with something simple. It’s fun, you’ll see.

Ask your questions here, someone will help for sure.

There are many watchfaces with open inspections, that’s a little rocket on the left from watchface.
Click it and it will open watchface in editor so you can see how it was made.
You can change everything but cannot save changes, so when you mess it up just close it and open it again.


I too would encourage you to try doing it yourself and ask for help along the way. Your finished project will be very rewarding.