Anyone willing to share their "gears"?

I am thinking of adding some of those little gears in a small “window” off to the side on my watch face, but I was curious if anyone had something similar they’d let me check out in the editor so I can see how its done?

you want to see how gears are setup in the creator?

precisely. I get that it’s a sequence, but just looking for some ideas and to see how it was setup. then I need to go about creating the animation etc.

Something I haven’t done yet, I have a few concepts but I didn’t get them looking like I wanted. Try search for “gears” in the Facer app and look for one that has inspection enabled, maybe?

No you dont need to make it a sequence, its way easier than that. Grab a font that has all it’s characters represented as gears instead of letters and use that to make different ones. Then crop each one square and just make them rotate like the second hand. Or make your own gears however you want, but I know there are a few fonts that are just gears.

Here, some different rotational speeds for ya

This makes em go back and forth

Great intro Rator, Nice one!

Something Hellion and Batwolf can use to get their teeth into the subject.

I wonder… could B# - Kvansant - add some ‘pro’ skills to this? As we both know, his work in this area - including complex tourbillons - is peerless. Of course, I assuming he’d be happy to share stuff that must have taken him a very long time to work out… Maybe the boys can reach out to him when you want to go ‘next level’.



Thanks @richard2. Pretty sure it’s the same code though. Or variations of speed and pendulum effects at least. In this piece I wasnt trying to recreate anything that actually exists in real life, and since @HellionTRD said “some of those little gears in a small window” i didn’t give them instructions on how to build a Tourb-whatever it is lol.

There’s no need to make long, complex image sequences to do the same thing that a single graphic can do when combined with minimal code.

BTW, here’s a link to a gears font for free


Thanks Rator - great asset to use for those starting out.

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Hey thanks! I’ll check it out!

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I added gears to my face, and it looks great! Thanks again!

We are waiting now to see your design @HellionTRD.

No prob, it DOES look good :+1: