Aod display turns off after 4 minutes

I bought a watch face off of the Facer app (rising phoenix) and see the aod to on and it stays on for about 4 minutes and then the screen goes black and needs a wrist gesture to wake it back up. I’ve set the facer aod from classic to dimmed and it happens on both. Any ideas?

Hi @the_black_smoke_mons

Please make sure your watch is also set to the aod mode and I would reboot the watch after the settings is changed (i have seen this not work on watches until reboot).

If this has already been completed, please respond with the watch model and phone model. Can you also let us know the version of facer on both the watch and phone.

Thank you!


Thanks for your reply. I turned my watch off last night to charge it up and that seems to have fixed it now :slight_smile: