AOD keeps turning OFF

Hello all, I have read through the topic on AOD doing or Not doing weird stuff. My problem (Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm) is that my AOD keeps going off after a couple of minutes. Just turns off, and I have to hit the top button to make it come back on. It happens even when I have “raise wrist to wake”. Does anyone else have this problem? I can’t figure this one out. Sorry if this has been answered.

It seems to be an ongoing problem that is yet to be fixed.
On my GW4, it’s very hard to get AOD to come on, and when it does, it often turns off after a few seconds.

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As for me, I resolved this by turning off and on ‘AOD’ function in watch set when face to this issue.

Thanks, I did try that and it did seem to stay on longer, but after a while, the face turned back off.