AOD parameters disapear in Facer V6

With my Samsung Galaxy Watch classic 1, I was able to triple tap to the facer face and go to the right to access parameters. In this parameters page, I had “AOD” mode setup to “classic” or “dimmed”.

With my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic and Facer v6 , the parameters page no longer show “AOD” mode.

With Facer v6. How can I setup “AOD” to the dimmed mode ?

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Hey Welcome @laurent2 . The Classic AOD was for Watches with the Old Tizen operating sydtem. I would say AOD on WOS3 is Fixed now . Sadly there will be Faces about with some confusion. Let the " Designer " know and they can bring them up to date.

If you switch AOD on with the setting icon on your watch. Stroke down on GW4. Watch Icon. After the preset time set in settings you watch wil switch to AOD. Sometimes I have reboot my watch to test it. I dont use AOD normaly. Just let the Face wake up naturaly.

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Hi Russel.
Thank you for your quick answer.

I’am sad to learn that the dimmed mode of the AOD is remove on WOS3, and the only remaining is the classic mode.

Some designer have nice watch face but very poor AOD face with just white needles on back. The dimmed mode was very interresting because I was able to keep the active watch face with dimmed light on AOD mode.

If I understand well, now I can used only well designed faces.

Here is a sample of bad AOD design, no longer useful without dimmed mode :

Here is a sample of good AOD design, can be used in classic mode :


On my Tizen. Only Faces with the Higest contrast showed at all. So for me it was Impossible to preview it. So I made the most Basic AOD I could. In the light of the new Operating system if someone asked me to change an OAD I certainly would. It is very easy on Facer to switch on elements of the Top face for AOD… Ask the designer in Comments. There are Two answers you could expect.

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