AOD Severe battery drain on Galaxy Watch 3

Using any of the faces from Facer, if I enable the always on display, the watch battery drains from 100% to 50% in around 10 hours which makes it pretty much unusable. I’ve obviously tested using regular Samsung faces and getting twice as much longevity out of the watch.
I’m not even a heavy watch user, 95% of the time the watch is only showing the AOD and brightness is set to 3, other related battery sensitive settings are set to what is reasonable to allow the watch to be smart but aren’t detrimental to Samsung store faces.
100% the Facer app is causing a battery drain, using latest software version of everything as of today.
I assume there’s no fix or resolution at this time, just reporting so its noted.


In the 4 days since I made this post, even though I’ve paid for a full year of Facer Premium, I’ve ditched Facer and applied a face from the Galaxy store. I can now start the day at 100% battery at 9am, and by 1am the following day I’m on 70-75% battery. With a Facer face applied, this would be closer to 30-20% battery.
Am I missing something here, is this known and obvious? Does Facer not use the same AOD power saving/display change as the Galaxy faces? Surely I can’t be the only one here and this is a total deal breaker.

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Thanks dude, I didn’t even realize that the app was draining my battery. Was just about to contact Fossil.

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I can confirm that battery life is terrible with Facer enabled which is a shame because I love the functionality and face selection. At this point I can’t even make it through one day (about 16-17 hours) whereas before Facer I could get two days with AOD on. I was hoping to see some kind of comment from Facer on this thread.


Tagging @Facer_Official so they might find this thread.


You’d think this is something Facer would care about but apparently not. To the OP- I suggest you contact Facer support and get a refund since the app is causing the drain and they are ignoring the problem. I stopped paying for premium because of their terrible customer support.

I can confirm the same. After lots of testing with ‘standard’ Galaxy watch faces, and Facer watch faces, the battery life is exactly as described by this topic raiser. Facer = about 15 hours of use. With exactly the same settings and same use- Standard watch face = almost 2 full days of battery.

Been lucky enough not to spend money on developing my own or investing in other watch faces before finding this out.

As said, it’s a shame though, as Facer seems to be a well thought out product.

I have not noticed an issue with my Galaxy Watch and Facer - although I only every use Facer and have never used the built in Samsung watch faces ( not a fan of them ) so I have not tried a comparison. Could I ask if there are particular functions on the Facer faces that might be causing the issue for you ( as in, animations, weather data, activity data, etc. ) or do you have the issue with just basic time based faces as well?

I have been using the following face for quite a while now in AOD mode. I put it on each morning and take it off when I get home after work. After two days of that the watch is down to low 20s maybe high teens and I charge it ready for the following day ( usually less than fully charged in case always fully charging the battery causes an issue ).

I have location turned on, Bluetooth on, Wifi off, pay system ( whatever that is called ) off, pulse check manual only, all else default I think. Brightness usually around 5. Oh, and mine is the larger Galaxy Watch - the one with the larger battery. And I should add that I rarely use the watch for anything except telling the time or letting me know that my phone is ringing so I know to go looking for wherever I last left it :slight_smile:

Our Active 2 however, with its smaller battery, would run out some time in day 2 so we charge that the night before expected use.

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I have the Samsung Galaxy 46", and I never use AOD. Facer Faces are the ONLY ones I use, and I never have any problems whatsoever :grin: Absolutely love my Watch, Facer, and all the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of interacting with on here - 100% Satisfaction from me here thank you Facer :smiley:

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I thought it was worth sharing another update here to re-evaluate my recent post.
After yet more testing, it seems that Facer isn’t the culprit. There were other faces outside of Facer that drained the battery, and there were also times with Facer enabled where the battery wasn’t drained. Still more testing needed, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for me now either.

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