AOD timer customization

Would be nice to have more freedom in AoD customization.
ATM we have only Classic and Dimmed modes, no seconds or alike to chose from to set up a timer before a watch goes AoD.
From my understanding Facer doesn’t pick up AoD settings from watch setup (Samsung Galaxy Watch in my case).

I think those features are watch brand dependent. I dont think Facer can make the seconds work on a watch that makes the seconds stop in AOD.

Thanks for the attention to my post. I’m afraid I wasn’t explicit enough or my post was misunderstood.
“Second” word was used to define time, not the second hand on the watch.

To make it simple - freedom in customization meant to be the period of time between watch face is fully active and a moment when it goes AoD.
As of now it is somewhere in code (?), I’d love to set it up myself (like, say 15 sec or alike).
WatchMaker has such option in their settings…

In my opinion, this is a more a feature for the watch rather than Facer.
I know there are some apps like StayLit able to change this period over 5 secondes

I came here to make this same suggestion, and found it’s already been made. I suppose it ought to be a watch setting but it certainly can be a setting for the Facer companion app. Watchmaker Premium companion app has this very setting. I usually keep it at 10 or 15 seconds. I feel like Facer doesn’t give you enough time to do more than quickly glance at the time before it goes to dim. Just 3-4 seconds. Not even long enough to get the camera in focus to take a wristie! :smiley:

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Hahaha, so true ! It makes me crazy sometimes …
btw, 5sec is fine for me when wearing my watch

These features are device depending. There is a nice aftermarket app ( Feel The Wear) that I’m using and it has these options (extended sleep time) and many more, but Facer is an app that depends on what the manufacturer of your device have done and doesn’t write system settings.

3rd party apps appear to be the solution, but it is also true that Facer could integrate such control into the watch companion app. As I mentioned above, the other major watch face platform Watchmaker Premium does indeed have this feature built in, so it is definitely possible.

I think it depends on the clock for example, my samsung s3 allows me to configure the time up to 5 minutes on before the AOM but my motorola requires a special application. if i would like an option to take pictures that will keep it on for a while like a facer widget but i don’t think it’s possible

As for taking “wristies”, i have a gear s3 frontier and if its in dim mode and i click on the back button, it stays lit for however long I have it set to stay on for (5 mins I think). You can tap the screen too and it will do the same. Hope that helps.

if you set the S3Frontier to 5 min and play it with the bezel back and do not touch it anymore it will remain on for minutes or seconds than those chosen in the display parameters but does tilting the watch brings it back to sleep.