Apollo 11 EVO- July 20, 1969


I like it a lot wish I could do faces like that

Thank you

Nice simple design and I love the animation

Thank you

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Thanks, I appreciate it very much.

Nice one!
Maybe you could make moving the moon more fluid using expressions of interpDecel() interpAccel() sin() & cos() :slight_smile:
well done anyway :slight_smile:

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thanks but i don’t know how to use these features.

You can use for the moon image
(20+interpAccel(#DWE#,0,2.5,2)*300) for width and height

(160+(interpAccel(#DWE#,0,1.25,1.5)* 60)-(interpDecel((#DWE#-1.25),0,1.25,1.5)*60))
For X position

Here is an example that you can inspect


Hi orz0, I changed my watch face with the values you suggested, it’s improved.

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Nice, well done!