App jumps to top of list after every “view”

Browsing watch faces on the app, I find the following close to unforgivable, in terms of UX design:

After having selected a watch face to explore it a bit further, and then return to the list, the app jumps right back to the top! Ahmm, pardon my French, but WTF?!!

The point of browsing is to go through a list, occasionally taking a deeper look, and then go back to the same anchor position. Not to be thrown back to the beginning ever single time.

Am I the only one here?


Hi haugaards I complained about this a few years ago and it fell on deaf ears and no one else said anything so i just had to ignore it, and yes it is a real pet hate of mine that in modern technology something like this is allowed to keep happening .cheers Daz

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I deal with that by opening in a new tab (or in the background) - right click on my computer or hold finger on object on my iPad, to get a menu where I pick those options