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Hopefully, someone can point me to where I can find the code, the resources, etc. for adding non-default apps to my facer watch app design. The two in particular that I’m looking at right now are (for an Apple Watch):


I’m fine with adding images and having a code instruction behind the scenes, but would really prefer them to be available. If this is available in Facer Premium, can you please confirm - I can’t seem to find what I’ll get if I get Premium other than access to “premium faces” and a few other less than desirable features (for my purposes. I also found a post that said the following types are supported, but I know it’s more than that (this list was posted 2 years ago (so in 2022):

  • Activity
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Alarm
  • Reminders
  • Contacts
  • Phone
  • Settings

In the end, I have a few designs where I would like to utilize this feature, but here’s one I’m back to working on and buying Facer Pro did not help.

Bottom left button has a Podcast image overlaying what I would hope would be a way to launch Podcasts on my Apple Watch.
Bottom right has a Workout image overlaying what I would hope would be a way to launch the Workout app (bonus if I can specify the exact workout type!) on my Apple Watch.
The middle button would be an image overlaying whatever app I can opt to launch on my Apple Watch.

Appreciate any help - whether instructions or pointing me where I can find them.

Thanks all.


Do not sign for Facer premium, you have to sign for Facer PRO.

With Facer PRO you will be able to add Complications,
something like this:



When working on Apple faces be aware that Apple has limitations.
Go Heels!

What limitations should I be aware of?
I just want to be able to have two tap buttons on my design to launch Workout and Podcasts.

Is that impossible ?

I’m not following your comment. I think my issue is - I see absolutely no difference in my design area between “free” and the “pro” versions.

I selected a watchface layout (Infograph Modual)

I am then presented with the following:

If I want to add a Complication to the top left circle beside the time, I click on it and then I see the following options at the bottom:

If I scroll across, I see a variety of preset app/options - but these are all the same options I saw in the free version - no change having Pro.

I then click “Custom” thinking maybe the updated features are in there:

I scrolled up and down and every complication listed there is exactly the same as the ones I saw in when I was using the Free version.

I’ve used these complications. All good. But I’m not sure what the heck I got for buying Pro. Seems right now the only thing I got was this:

I must really be missing something…

Or if you can point me to where I can unlock the mystery of the Pro features, please help.

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I don’t think there are any PRO Options on an Apple Watch . You have obviously signed up for the Subscription .

I’ve missed that we are talking about Apple watch, sorry.

I know nothing about watchfaces for Apple. Never made one.

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Even with a PRO subscription, I have not found a way to create a premium Apple watch face. I am assuming this is reserved for partners only.

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