App Launcher for Fitbit Exercise App on Pixel Watch?

I just bought Creator Pro because it has the ability to put app shortcuts on a watch face. However, it appears to only allow some of the very basic apps like Activity, Calendar, Weather, Alarm, etc. I want an app launcher that launches the Fitbit Exercise app on my watch face.

Does anyone know if that is possible, and if so how?

If I can’t do this, then I don’t need Creator Pro. Help! Thanks in advance.

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Hi @facer24 Welcome . If you chose the Square or Round complication you can run any App on the Google Store . I am not sure about Native Apps on the Pixel . I hav tested it on My GW4 watch but use it Hidden as I do not like the way the Icons and text Behave . I would make yourself a Sillit test to see how all the Comps work . Sadly I have Surrenders my PRO account but will try help as much as I can .


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Welcome, facer 24. If you have a Pixel Watch, you can launch the Fitbit Exercise app by swiping right (make sure you include it in your tiles - that’s a Watch feature, not Facer). @russellcresser is right about being able to access the Fitbit info with the Customizable Complications, however, those automatically turn your face into Premium. If you don’t want that and only want to make free faces, then no, you don’t need Pro. I make both free and premium, so I’ve kept my Pro. If you want to be able to launch all those other apps from your watch, then yes, you need it. I usually wear my premium faces because that steps complication will count all the way from Fitbit, whereas the regular Facer one quits at 999 on the Pixel Watch (it works fine on all the others).


Thank you both for your replies. Unfortunately, I’m pretty new to this and don’t understand part of your answers.
@russellcresser , I did choose a round complication but the only options I see are Battery, Steps, Sunrise / Sunset, and Date. No way to choose any other apps. Same result if I pick the App Launcher element - I only have a limited set of apps I can pick from. Lastly, I don’t know what a Sillit is so not sure how to do that test.

@revmarcia558 , I know how to open the Fitbit Exercise app on my watch and do it a few times each week when I play tennis. There are watch faces outside of Facer (ones that came with the watch) that allow me to select an app to open when I first tap the App complication. I just don’t know how to set it up in the Facer Creator Pro web page app. I just don’t see the options for any apps other than the few pre-selected basic options I described above. Are you saying that I need to buy Facer Premium in order to create a watch face with an app launcher outside of the standard ones offered? I thought all I needed was the Creator Pro for creating them. sigh.

I have made a very simple watch face that I like, I just want to add the ability to open the Fitbit Exercise app like the other Pixel watch faces can do. I wish I could find a face like mine so I didn’t have to make my own, but I have not found one. If I figure out how, I’ll post what my face looks like and maybe someone with more talent than I have will choose to have a go at it. :slight_smile: I’m sure it could be easily re-created in minutes because it’s so simple.

Thanks again to you both for the replies, I appreciate the help.

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See if you can see the face using this link:

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Sorry @facer24 for Sittel read LITTLE . I make lots of typos that is why I often provide Pictures . You will see that the Watch Screenshot are supposed to Illustrate that the App the Comp runs is selected on the watch .
That Apo launcher does not Wor . Well I could not get it to work . Sorry If I made it confusing .

Please try hide a small round Complication under the badge with the racket or make a Dummy background and hide it under that . The round comp will come up as a Battery by default . I can assure you it will run any thing when you set it on your watch .

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Thank you thank you! You helped me figure it out!

I did as you said and put a custom complication there but when I tap it on my watch, it still just opened the battery app.

HOWEVER, I found that any time I double-tap the complication on my watch it allows me to reset it to anything I want. So, I just double-tap the complication, then choose App Shortcut, then choose the Fitbit Exercise app and it works after that. So, I just do those steps once, then every time afterwards when I tap it once, it opens the Fitbit Exercise app.

That’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much! I just didn’t realize that it could be changed once on the watch, and I didn’t realize it had to be double-tapped in order to change it.

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Yeah I see the Pixel works differently from the GW4 . So now this has become a Usefull Tutorial for others . Well done @facer24 and @revmarcia558 .


Facer24, you got it - congratulations! I just sat down at the computer to explain that those choices (battery, steps, etc.) in the customizable complications are just placeholders. When you double tap, you get the selection of Fitbit app complications. Good job! One of the many joys of the Pixel Watch. What works is great. What doesn’t work drives us all nuts - but after all, it is version 1.0. Hoping for fixes soon.


Thanks to all who “liked” the explanation of customizable complications on the Pixel Watch. We Pixel users are apparently stuck with those indefinitely. Maybe Facer will fix their app launchers/step counter tags, etc. someday. However, I’m stuck in a Verizon contract on my Original Pixel and cannot upgrade without spending $ I don’t have. Google will probably be up to the Pixel Watch 4 by the time I can upgrade and maybe all the glitches will be fixed by then. Meanwhile, the custom comps are a good workaround. Here’s my latest variation on “Weather and Stuff.”

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