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App Launching Customization


For those of you able to embed App Launchers in your faces…

I know the end user cannot change the apps you place, but do you have the ability to customize what apps you want to place on your launcher, or are they set apps that even you cannot customize?


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Yes and no. We have a set list of apps we can select from, but one of those is an end user selectable app that you can assign your own watch app to link to.


The fixed ones are Activity/Health, Calendar, Weather, Alarm, Reminders, Contacts, Phone and Settings.

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Thank you for your reply.

The fact that I, as an end user, CAN actually customize at least one app launcher spot is encouraging to read.

I don’t suppose that anyone knows of any way to search for just faces with app launchers?

I’ve tried variations of, “app launcher,” in the search field, and usually only get one or two faces in the results that actually HAVE an app launcher most do not, lol.

Thanks again.

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You are not going to believe this, but I have made one of those kinds of watchfaces and it’s due to be publish eight days from now. It will be called MAG 2158 and this is a picture of what it will look like.


All three of the bottom items can be set to whatever you want to use them for. They are set to battery, steps and sunrise / sunset but can be changed by the user. It also has theme colors so you can make it whatever color you want to make it.



<Impatiently waits out the next 8 days>

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Just as a heads-up, I will be publishing MAG 2158 tomorrow Wednesday Nov 16th. It should go live sometime around 8 am eastern or 13:00 UTC.

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Can’t find it :cry:

Disregard last transmission, I found it.

Says premium only, bummer, but oh well.

After my issue with Facer regarding a refund, and lack of response to it, I won’t spend another penny here, no offense to you though.

If you want the free version with battery, steps and sunrise / sunset you can find it here: MAG 2159

I appreciate it, but that version doesn’t have the ability to customize complications.

C’est la vie, you’ve done a great job on it though, and I appreciate your work.

It sounds like you are at a stalemate. Your choices are hold your nose and pay up or figure out “exactly” what you want for the complications and get someone to make it for you or make it yourself. If you make it yourself and not publish it, then you can change it to whatever you want, whenever you want.


“” Duplication Before Publication “”

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Well said, well said.