App on gear S2 synch problems

I have a gear S2 and I can use the app a few times, than it suddenly can’t synch the faces anymore.
The 10 last faces are no problem to change, just the connection phone<=>watch seems to be the problem.
When I reinstall the app on my watch everything is working fine for a few times (sometimes even a few days, depending how much I change the watchface)

I tried using face-shuffle, but it never does, than it immidiatly starts acting like my phone isn’t connected to the app.
I have a Samsung s8 phone.

I have the S2 as well and I think I have found the secret recently. I’ve notice everytime that I cant sync anymore that there is an update to facer in the samsung store. Do the update and then you can sync again. that is until is doesnt stop working again…and redo process.

Secondly if that doesnt work. I uninstall facer from my phone and reinstall.

Still I face the same problems… it has nothing to do with updates. I restored my phone and watch to factory setting, and still can’t synch after a while. Uninstall and install helps (for a little while), but gets annoying…