App won't recognize the purchase

Bought new bundle. App won’t recognize purchase. Received email confirmation from Google

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I’m in the same boat. I bout the Tactwo Tactical bundle. It won’t let me attempt to re-purchase it either. However, none of the faces in the bundle show up as already purchased for me.

@support, Please assist!

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Hi all,

We have a fix for this issue that will be released today or tomorrow. Your purchase is definitely recognized and this only a temporary glitch. Thanks for your patience!

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I have the same problem, although it appears as if my user name is different than my login for the community. I bought a few watches a couple months ago, but uninstalled everything for my watch (had to remove and reinstall to fix some overall critical issues). Now none of my purchases show in my app. Will this also be fixed with the upcoming bug fix? TIA

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My purchase is now recognized, thanks. However, the one face I REALLY WANTED, Tactwo Tactical’s Info Tactical 3D, crashes the Facer app when I try to go into it’s detail so that I can send it to my Huawei Watch. It happens every time. The previous update fixed this, but now it’s back again.

Is it just me?!? LOL!

Please help!

Thanks mine is now fixed as well

I have the same issue.

Mine is still not showing up

Thanks for the report and sorry about that - we’ll look into this asap! What is the model and OS of your phone?

Thanks! Phone is a Nextbit Robin and it’s running Nougat 7.1.1 with the April 1, 2017 Android Security Patch.

I also noticed this. After my app on my device was updated all my purchases ( and I had several) are not showing up. It looks as if I would have to purchase them again. Please fix this soon. I had several bundled purchases as well so there are a lot of faces missing.

My phone BTW is a DTEK60 running 6.0.1.

My phone is a pixel XL Google

Same Problem here
Galaxy S8+ & Gear 3 Classic

Still having the same issues. I have a Moto Z Play Droid, running Android 7.0, most recent update to OS was May 1, 2017. Nothing has changed in my app.

If you are still seeing an issue, can you confirm you are running Facer 3.1.13 on your phone?

I’m running version 3.1.13 on my phone. The issue where the faces in the collection showed up as if not purchased – and they already were purchased – has been fixed.

However, I cannot view the individual faces of the collection. They all crash the Facer app on my phone when I try to view their details. The faces never load on the watch background; the loading animation just spins until the app crashes. It also completely locks up the screen so that I can’t scroll, move or navigate anywhere in the app.