Appearing seconds indication

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Can anyone explain the way you can show appearing seconds indicators like this face has:


Not sure to understand what you mean. Let’s try to bring some answers:

  • For the seconds (digit), you can add a text zone with #Ds#
  • for the leds circle, I could see 2 methods:
  1. with conditional transparency on each led : $#Ds#>0?100:0$, $#Ds#>1?100:0$, etc. --> it means 59 layers …
  2. use this elegant method from @Tomas :
    [TOMAJA Tutorial] Full Circle Indicator - Single and Multiple Color Circle Principle

I hope it will answer to your question !

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The watch I built that @tomas refers to is a take-away seconds indicator. In other words, 0 seconds is a full circle that bleeds away as the seconds approach 59. Here’s one with a build up to 59 seconds instead. This one is a little different: it displays from 0 to 29, then starts over again from 30 to 59 - just something different. Inspection mode is on. Look at the layers:

  • Secs_aperture (the screen that makes the dots)
  • Front Secs Mask (this is a shield that hides the red graphic in the off-half)
  • Red_secs_fan (this is the red half circle that appears as “dots”)


Thanks for your response jeberuth and jmorga106. Looks that there’s a lot to it to achieve the appearing secs. jmorga106 great for letting me inspect
MbM - Plasma Station X9. I Also like the action switching from dim to awake mode :+1:t3:

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